"The Master Pepe"

The tale of master pepe: from ordinary frog to kung fu legend:

In the heart of a tranquil forest, there lay a peaceful pond, home to a myriad of creatures. Among them was an ordinary frog named pepe. With his bright green skin and curious eyes, pepe led a simple life, hopping from lily pad to lily pad, catching flies, and basking in the sun.

However, pepe was different from the other frogs. He had a burning curiosity about the world beyond the pond and a deep yearning for something more. One day, as pepe sat on his favorite lily pad, he overheard the forest animals talking about a wise old turtle who lived on the mountain and was known for his mastery of kung fu.

Determined to seek this wisdom, pepe embarked on a journey to find the old turtle. The path was arduous, filled with treacherous terrains and daunting obstacles, but pepe's resolve was unwavering. After days of travel, he finally reached the turtle's secluded dwelling.

The old turtle, master wu, saw the determination in pepe's eyes and agreed to take him under his wing. Under the turtle's tutelage, pepe trained tirelessly. He learned the art of kung fu, mastering the forms and techniques with remarkable agility. But what master wu emphasized most was the importance of meditation and inner peace.

"true strength comes from within, young one," master wu would often say. "meditate and find your center, for it is from stillness that true power flows."

Pepe took these words to heart. He spent hours each day in deep meditation, sitting still on a rock by the mountain's edge, his mind as calm as the serene pond he once called home. Over time, pepe's skills grew, and so did his wisdom. He became not only a master of kung fu but also a sage, known for his profound insights and calm demeanor.

Word of pepe's transformation spread throughout the forest. Creatures from far and wide came to seek his guidance and to witness the frog who had become a kung fu master. They marveled at his discipline and the tranquility that radiated from him during meditation. His reputation grew, and soon everyone affectionately called him master pepe.

One day, a fierce storm threatened the forest, bringing chaos and fear among its inhabitants. Master pepe stepped forward, his presence commanding and serene. With his kung fu skills, he helped protect the animals and restore peace. But it was his calmness and wisdom that truly inspired them, showing that inner peace could overcome any storm.

From then on, master pepe continued to serve as the forest's protector and guide. He taught kung fu to those willing to learn, always emphasizing the importance of meditation and inner strength. Every time he sat in meditation, the forest grew quieter, as if in reverence of the frog who had achieved greatness through peace and perseverance.

Master pepe's legacy lived on, a testament to the extraordinary potential within us all, waiting to be unlocked through dedication, wisdom, and the pursuit of inner peace. And so, the ordinary frog became a legend, a beacon of hope and tranquility for generations to come.  


What is 'The Master Pepe'? 

The Master Pepe is an NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain that features 20,000 unique NFT created with artificial intelligence. Each Art is a masterpiece with a perfect blend of realistic design.

What is the mint price? 

The mint price is 0.0007 per NFT

Who is eligible to mint?

anyone can do it.

What is the total supply? 


How many can I mint? 

50 NFT Per Wallet

Do I pay gas fees when minting? 

Yes. Gas fees occur for any transaction or attempted transaction on the blockchain including a mint. The amount will vary depending on a variety of factors such as how many people are using the network at that moment. OpenSea does not control gas prices, nor does it receive or profit from them, and OpenSea is not able to refund gas fees. You'll pay gas fees even if you weren't able to successfully mint. 

How many internal mints are for team? 

There are 100 NFT reserved for team

Is there a royalty fee from secondary sales?

To devlope the project further and support the team's creative journey there is a 5 % Royalty fee set.