⭐⭐ "Evolution of Ai Art "

In a groundbreaking move within the Polygon Blockchain ecosystem, an unprecedented project unfolds: the release of 100 collections over a span of 100 days. This bold endeavor offers a daily unveiling of unique collections, each comprising 1000 NFTs. The initiative kicks off with an enticing offer - The first 10 collections are entirely free to mint. Following this initial phase, minting prices gradually increase, allowing for a fair and sustainable progression.
As the project progresses over the course of 100 days, each daily release introduces a fresh collection, adding to the growing pool of distinctive NFTs. Every collection is meticulously crafted to capture attention, offering a blend of creativity and innovation. With each new release, there's a commitment to not only stand out but also to improve upon the previous offerings.But the excitement doesn't end there. Upon the completion of the 100 collections, a remarkable bonus awaits all NFT holders: an airdrop of a Polygon-based meme coin. The distribution of this airdrop is based on the number of NFTs held by each participant, rewarding those with a larger NFT portfolio with a more significant share of the airdropped tokens. This incentivizes participation and rewards loyal supporters of the project, creating a vibrant ecosystem within the Polygon Blockchain community.

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The Master Pepe

The Master Shiba Inu

The Master Monkey

The Founder

Vishal Kathiriya


Founder of StarvaLab

Yakuja Yakamoto


This is Not a Person but it is a "Yakuja Ai Art Model" Created by Vishal