StarvaLab Projects

 ⭐⭐ "Evolution of Ai Art "

Release of 100 collections over a span of 100 days.

⭐⭐ "The Master" ⭐⭐

Create a collection of 10,000 AI-generated NFTs inspired by popular coins and iconic NFTs. This collection features Master Pepe, Master Shiba Inu and Master Monkey, each depicted in a serene meditation pose.

The Master Pepe(Upcommng)

The Master Shiba Inu (Upcommng)

The Master Monkey (Upomming )

⭐⭐ "The House" ⭐⭐

The House V1 is an exciting NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain, with unique houses created by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Each house is a masterpiece, with a perfect blend of realistic architectural design and old-world charm. 

The House V1

The House V2 (Upcommng)

The House V3 (Upomming )