"42. Angel"

Summary :-  In a world where darkness reigned, and hope was but a distant memory, the appearance of a mysterious golden angel heralded the dawn of a new era. With no face to be seen, yet an aura that radiated immense power and grace, the angel descended upon the earth on one fateful night. The golden gleam of its wings pierced through the eternal night, illuminating paths long forgotten. It held in its hands a trumpet, which when played, awakened souls and breathed life into the desolate lands. Kingdoms divided by darkness now sought unity in light; enemies became allies; love replaced hatred. The golden herald didn’t speak; it didn’t need to - its presence was enough to instigate change. As quickly as it appeared, it vanished into thin air leaving behind a world teeming with hope and life. 

Story :-  The world was dark. For centuries, a shadow had covered the land, blocking out the sun and the stars. The people lived in fear and misery, oppressed by a cruel tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. He had forbidden all forms of art and culture, claiming that they were distractions and corruptions of the mind. He had destroyed all traces of the past, erasing history and memory. He had enslaved all races and nations, imposing his will and law.

But there was a prophecy. A prophecy that spoke of a golden herald, a messenger of the gods, who would come to end the darkness and restore the light. A prophecy that gave the people a glimmer of hope, a flicker of faith, a spark of courage.

And one night, the prophecy came true.

It was a night like any other, dark and silent. The people were asleep, or hiding, or working. The tyrant was in his palace, plotting and scheming. The guards were patrolling, watching and waiting.

But then, something happened. Something miraculous. Something divine.

A golden light appeared in the sky, shining brighter than the moon. It descended slowly, gracefully, majestically. It took the shape of an angel, a glorious being of gold. It had large wings that spanned the horizon, and a robe that flowed like liquid. It had a trumpet in its hand, and a halo around its head. It had no face, but it had a presence that was felt by all.

It was the golden herald.

It landed on the ground, in the center of the city. It stood still, silent, serene. It looked around, observing, scanning. It saw the darkness, the despair, the decay. It saw the tyranny, the oppression, the injustice. It saw the people, the fear, the pain.

It felt compassion, pity, sorrow.

It raised its trumpet, and blew a blast. A sound that echoed through the land, a sound that shook the earth, a sound that stirred the soul. A sound that was music, harmony, melody. A sound that was magic, power, wonder. A sound that was a call, a signal, a command.

A sound that was a message.

The message was simple, clear, universal. The message was one word, one concept, one idea. The message was:


And the people did.

They woke up from their slumber, their stupor, their submission. They opened their eyes, their ears, their hearts. They saw the light, the beauty, the glory. They heard the music, the harmony, the melody. They felt the magic, the power, the wonder. They understood the message, the call, the command.

They understood:


And they did.

They rose from their beds, their huts, their chains. They gathered in the streets, the squares, the fields. They looked at each other, their neighbors, their friends. They smiled, they hugged, they cheered. They felt a new emotion, a new sensation, a new motivation.

They felt:


And they did.

They followed the golden herald, who led them to the palace. They faced the tyrant, who cowered in fear. They demanded justice, freedom, peace. They fought with courage, strength, unity. They won with ease, grace, dignity.

They won:


And they did.

They celebrated their triumph, their liberation, their joy. They thanked the golden herald, who smiled and nodded. They asked for guidance, wisdom, direction. They listened to the golden herald, who spoke without words. They received a vision, a plan, a purpose.

They received:


And they did.

They rebuilt their world, their culture, their history. They restored their art, their music, their dance. They embraced their diversity, their identity, their humanity. They loved their families, their friends, their partners. They lived their lives, their dreams, their passions.

They lived:


And they did.

They watched the golden herald, who lifted its trumpet again. They heard another blast, a farewell, a blessing. They saw the golden herald, who rose into the sky. They waved goodbye, with gratitude, with admiration. They felt a connection, a bond, a friendship.

They felt:


And they did.

They watched the golden herald, who disappeared into the night. They looked at the sky, where stars now shone. They looked at the horizon, where the sun now rose. They looked at their world, where hope now reigned. They looked at themselves, where light now glowed.

They looked:


And they were.

The end.

I hope you like it. 😊